ServeNext San Francisco!

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The California primary will be held on June 3, 2008.  Check back for more details about these important races.

#1 – California’s 7th Congressional District

Rep. George Miller

#2 – California’s 8th Congressional District

Rep. Nancy Pelosi

#3 – California’s 16th Congressional District

Rep. Zoe Lofgren


Before you can get started with engaging candidates, you have to know where they’re appearing.  Just sign up on the candidate’s mailing list, grab a friend and start ServeNexting!

  1. Ask the candidate questions about National Service programs and AmeriCorps.  Click here to learn about “bird-dogging” and for some suggested questions!
  2. Challenge the candidate to sign the ServeNext Pledge to Expand National Service.  Click here to print out the ServeNext Pledge and learn more!
  3. Make sure to document your candidate engagement with pictures, videos, and words and send them to  Click here for documentation tips!

4 responses to “ServeNext San Francisco!

  1. Gordon Strause

    Let me know how I can help.

  2. Hi, I volunteer for multiple organizations and would love to learn more about ServeNext, please get in touch with me regarding how I can help, etc.

  3. Brenda Gates-Monasch

    I, too, volunteer for multiple organizations and would love to learn more. Unwell husband precludes taking on more ongoing activity now, but I could host a house party. Having said that, May 11? Yes, there are lots of fabulous seniors in the Bay Area that continue to volunteer and to inspire younger people by their activism, but May 11 is Mother’s Day; I must do family first and my mother won’t think of this as a suitable activity I’m afraid!

  4. David Zhang

    Hello, I am interested in volunteering more for the community and would like to learn more about ServeNext! I am looking forward to help ServeNext San Francisco Chapter for the summer. Please let me know how I can help.

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