Beginning April 7, 2008, the National Service Express Tour is going coast-to-coast, launching 30 ServeNext Chapters in just 60 days!  Sound like fun? 

If so, you’re probably crazy.  Which is fine… we’re a little crazy, too.  You kinda’ have to be.  The point, however, is that we’re not doing this for fun

We’re going across the country in a Greyhound bus (well, actually several buses) because it’s necessary to lay the groundwork for developing grassroots networks of citizen-advocates aimed at expanding National Service in the 2008 Elections. 

Plus, it’s a way to get your attention.  And now that we have it, our goal is not to lose it.  Which is why we’re going to blog everyday… and produce a weekly videos capturing our adventures and the awesome people we meet along our journey.  We’re going to reach out to the local media before, during, and after we launch each local ServeNext Chapter.  We’re going to take pictures, encourage AmeriCorps and Peace Corps Alumni to record their stories of transformation and impact through service, and shine a (virtual) spotlight on the amazing work being done by National Service members in communities every single day across the country and around the world.  

We hope you’ll choose to join us when we roll into your town on a Greyhound bus, invite your friends, and learn more about our citizen movement to expand National Service by empowering communities to take grassroots political action.  You ready?! 

Stay tuned to the blog for the latest…

In Service,

Team ServeNext.org

P.S. – If you want to get involved, we’d LOVE your help.  Just shoot Matt an e-mail (matt at servenext dot org) and we’ll get back to you in no time!