Across the Finish Line…

Dear Friends,

In 60 days, you joined over 500 individuals at 35 meetings in 28 states.  After 30,000 combined miles, we’re finally back and sleeping in our own beds!  What an unbelievable journey with twists, turns, stories, and faces that we’ll not soon forget.  On behalf of ServeNext, it is an understatement to say that we have truly appreciated the opportunity to see the ways that AmeriCorps members (and alumni) are making a difference through their service across the country.   

To all we met along the way – thanks for coming out to our organizing events, hosting us on your couches and futons, feeding us, making us laugh, and helping us better understand what’s at stake in your communities as we continue to build the National Service Movement.       

A special word of thanks to members of our mighty Tour Steering Committee.  For taking a chance on an idea and an organization… for helping us clarify our message before we the road… for making cold calls and convincing people that this was something they wanted to be a part of… for choosing to invest your own precious “free” time in the future of AmeriCorps… thanks for making National Service history with us this spring.  It is an understatement to say that we couldn’t have done this without you.  Thanks for your boundless energy and determination to make this first National Service Express Tour one that will rival all others yet to come.

That’s right, friends… “other” National Service Express Tours!  In the meantime, check out the brand spankin’ NEW! — — and join the team.  We’ll be in touch. 

In Service,



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